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Indigo Yoga Healing Arts

Ancient Practices for the Modern Human Being

Yoga Therapy and Instruction * Massage Therapy *

Spiritual Psychology Life Skills Counseling

My Mission is to help you awaken the healer within so you can discover and maintain physical well-being, psychological wholeness and Spiritual Integration through Ancient Techniques and Practices of Self-Realization. Maintaining health, well-being and balance are important

We work as partners, using a holistic and balanced approach on all four levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. Yoga-based therapeutics and Massage therapy are combined with Western Spiritual Psychology techniques to create your Conscious Lifestyle Plan towards rehabilitation, optimum health and well-being for the Mind, Body and Spirit! Your Conscious Lifestyle Plan considers holistic therapies, including diet recommendations; traditional eastern yoga-based practices; Massage Therapy; and work on the mental and emotional levels so that you make measurable and real movement forward in reaching your health and wellness goals. Whether you come for just a relaxing massage or more focused healing work, you will leave rejuvenated, enlightened and ready to meet the challenges that life presents.

Professional * Personalized * Holistic * Organic * Discreet

  • Private Yoga Therapy
  • Private Yoga Instruction for the advanced student
  • Group Classes
  • Aqua Yoga Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spiritual Psychology Life Skills Counseling
  • Written Home Practices for the busy professional or for therapeutic work at home

INDIGO YOGA HEALING ARTS has been providing yoga-based Therapeutics, massage therapy and Spiritual psychology life skills counseling services in Encinitas since 1999. Now accepting students and clients in the Tucson, Arizona area.

eMail or Call Pamela for a free 15 Minute Phone Consultation to see if our working together is right for you at this time! indigoyoga@gmail.com or 760.688.9932.

“Healing is the process of awareness and integration of all aspects of our Selves. A safe space for this process to occur is created at Indigo Yoga Healing Arts. The result is healing on every level for a balanced & whole experience of the Self.”  ~ Pamela Hollander, M.A.


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