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Spiritual Psychology Life Skills Counseling

My Mission is to help you awaken the healer within so you can discover and maintain physical well-being, psychological wholeness and Spiritual Integration through Ancient Techniques and Practices of Self-Realization. Maintaining health, well-being and balance are important

We work as partners, using a holistic and balanced approach on all four levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. Yoga-based therapeutics and Massage therapy are combined with Western Spiritual Psychology techniques to create your Conscious Lifestyle Plan towards rehabilitation, optimum health and well-being for the Mind, Body and Spirit! Your Conscious Lifestyle Plan considers holistic therapies, including diet recommendations; traditional eastern yoga-based practices; Massage Therapy; and work on the mental and emotional levels so that you make measurable and real movement forward in reaching your health and wellness goals. Whether you come for just a relaxing massage or more focused healing work, you will leave rejuvenated, enlightened and ready to meet the challenges that life presents.

Professional * Personalized * Holistic * Organic * Discreet

  • Private Yoga Therapy
  • Private Yoga Instruction for the advanced student
  • Group Classes
  • Aqua Yoga Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Spiritual Psychology Life Skills Counseling
  • Written Home Practices for the busy professional or for therapeutic work at home

INDIGO YOGA HEALING ARTS has been providing yoga-based Therapeutics, massage therapy and Spiritual psychology life skills counseling services in Encinitas since 1999. Now accepting students and clients in the Tucson, Arizona area.

eMail or Call Pamela for a free 15 Minute Phone Consultation to see if our working together is right for you at this time! or 760.688.9932.

“Healing is the process of awareness and integration of all aspects of our Selves. A safe space for this process to occur is created at Indigo Yoga Healing Arts. The result is healing on every level for a balanced & whole experience of the Self.”  ~ Pamela Hollander, M.A.


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